Building Entrepreneurs

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Mentoring startups is a topic near and dear to my heart.  I have committed a considerable amount of time to this passion and have always trusted that appropriate mentoring helps entrepreneurs build great companies. Recently I penned a post on the idea that being a mentor is a great place to begin when desiring to become involved with startups. Until this week, I had approached mentoring from the perspective that mentors were providing their expertise to entrepreneurs to help them asses and validate their ideas and businesses. I believed that … Read More

Nuts & Bolts Entrepreneurship

David DussaultEntrepreneurs, Startups

One of our passions at P1 Ventures is investing in industrial technologies where physical products or processes are merged with the digital world to create meaningful systems. We love companies that build or manufacture real products and also businesses utilizing novel technologies to improve how industrial companies communicate, design, make or distribute their products and services. These types of companies employ what I like to call the “nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship.” They deploy physical assets (such as equipment, raw materials, nuts and bolts) to produce something someone can buy and use to create … Read More

People & Values

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“If David Dussault had one message for entrepreneurs who turned out for his Startup Grind Albany appearance  July 23, it was this: The key to a successful business is not the idea you plan to develop, but the quality of the team you assemble.” (Dan Forbush, UVC Supporter & SMARTACUS CEO, Founder) David was recently interviewed at the Albany Startup Grind, a monthly meeting hosted by Elaine Perkins. Read the interview

The Magic of Entrepreneurship

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Three years ago I met two young Entrepreneurs with the next greatest idea for a new business. At the time, they were students at Union Graduate College (my Alma Mater) and although one of them had a good day job working at a seasoned financial institution, they had caught the Entrepreneur’s bug and wanted to strike out on their own. Their first idea was terrible. Although they identified a potentially real problem in the world and came up with an idea to fix it, the product idea they pitched was … Read More


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The upstate startup ecosystem is thriving and expanding! Recently, I had the distinct privilege of attending the inaugural investor meeting for the newly formed Hudson Valley Startup Fund held at the Hancock Center at Marist College. The fund is the result of a year of hard work between folks from Poughkeepsie, Albany and Little Falls, NY, a picture of upstate collaboration at its best, to bring to life a new startup fund that is an essential contributor to our overall ecosystem. The story of how the fund came together is … Read More

Do Your Glue

Lorenzo AgnesCulture, Values

I still want to be a rock n roll star! As I belt it out in the shower, I close my eyes, imagine the crowds and feel the thrill of hitting that power chord, followed by a Comfortably Numb type solo. There is a huge smile on my face, my soul is alive, my skin tingling with pure joy. Yeah baby! Then somebody bangs on the door reminding me I’m already late for work and it’s back to cold reality. And like so many of you, I play guitar (or … Read More


Lorenzo AgnesCulture

A look of surprise, quickly followed by a sheepishly smiling attempt at showing understanding (often with head rapidly bobbing up and down) is a fairly typical response at my reply, “I’m our company culturalist,” to people asking what my job is at Dussault Group. And I fully understand their response – after all, it isn’t something you hear every day. For some CEO’s though, their response has been, “Man, I wish I had hired a Culturalist 20 years ago!” I work for a highly innovative, dynamic, accomplished and successful entrepreneur, … Read More