We Partner with Industrial Entrepreneurs

P1 Ventures invests in and cultivates early stage industrial technology companies transforming how products are designed, manufactured and marketed. Partnering with Industrial Entrepreneurs, we build sound operating companies that execute flawlessly, centered on a proprietary product or process technology.

We love Innovation in the following areas

Energy Technologies

Power Generation & Consumption, Oil & Gas

Advanced Manufacturing

Smart factories, collaboration, design tools, advanced fabrication, automation and robotics.

Industrial Productivity

Software, analytics, industrial internet, safety & quality.

All P1V partners benefit from our portfolio of operating companies and their management systems: manufacturing prototyping capacity; supply chain capabilities; engineering resources; sales and business development connections in the global industrial markets. We are not simply an investor. We are not an incubator or accelerator. We are a fully integrated community of industrial entrepreneurs working seamlessly to usher in the next industrial era.


We invest in promising entrepreneurs with transformative vision, a well-balanced team, a well defined value proposition and correct market focus. Technology is valuable, but application is critical.

When we invest capital, we also invest the resources of our entire operating portfolio. Through active operational mentoring and engagement, we help companies with the following:

Formation and structure
Investment Readiness (raising new money)

When we invest, we get you ready for advanced funding and growth.


We work with Industrial Entrepreneurs on a fee basis to help them prepare their business to execute and build systems that enable scale. We understand how to architect and build scale into capital-intensive businesses and work closely with funded entrepreneurs to make this a reality.

When we cultivate, we commit to a long-term relationship founded on the following activities:

Strategy and Planning
Business Operations
Supply Chain
Customer Creation
Internal Management Systems
Brand and Design
Board and Advisory


P1V is part of a well developed ecosystem stretching from Buffalo, to Boston, to NYC. We enjoy well established relationships with key partners, enabling us to provide the services entrepreneurs actually need, from financing and mentoring to branding and potential customers.

Our differentiator is our highly relational culture combined with generously sharing what we know in order to help entrepreneurs become healthily successful.

We are pleased to be a members of UVC, UVANY, and ARC, and are able to access these powerful networks and resources to help those we invest in.